On 30th November, as a tradition NLCC members, partners and friends met at the restaurant “Mykolo 4” to enjoy a delicious lunch followed by an inspiring business talk.

A brief self-introduction and insights on future cooperation with NLCC, as well as opportunities for its members was given by the guest speaker Tom O. Kleppestø, Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (in Oslo), also the General Manager for Shipping & Offshore Network and Board Secretary for Oslo Shipowners’ Association, the Oslo Chapter of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. 

Held last Thursday of every month (excl. December and summer months), Norwegian-Lithuanian Business Lunch meetings provide a great opportunity to catch up with other members and meet new ones, as well as a wider business community.

The aim of these monthly meetings is to support Norwegian and Lithuanian business interests and facilitate bilateral cooperation. They should provide a purely relaxed, yet targeted medium for businesses to connect.

NEXT MEETING: The next Norwegian-Lithuanian Business Lunch will be held on 25th January 2018.