What an session we had at the COMPANY CYBERSECURITY OVERSIGHT FOR DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS event! 💥 Here’s a quick rundown of the key hashtagtakeaways:

🌐Cybersecurity: A Necessity, Not an Option
We got into the importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding data, privacy, finances, reputation, and critical infrastructure.

🚀Action-Packed Presentations
From practical tips for hashtagNIS2 readiness to the debate between technical security vulnerabilities versus regulatory compliance, thank you to Vytautas Kuliešius, Roberta Matulėnaitė, and Indrė Pelėdaitė, Stasys Drazdauskas for their insightful contributions!

👏 Thank You!
A big thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this event: Sorainen, Novian Technologies & NRD Cyber Security, Baltic Amadeus. Event is done in collaboration with Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.

🔒 Stay Secure and keep an eye out for future events and initiatives aimed at enhancing cybersecurity awareness and resilience within our community: https://nlcc.lt/events/

Stay hashtagsecure, stay hashtaginformed!