A founder, active participant, and key person to build the NLCC to what it is today passed away Saturday morning, April 17th

Ulf, you gave us so much in enthusiasm and knowle dge, so a big hole is left behind you. You worked on creating the long-term plan we are currently using as our guideline to what the chamber should be. You were also a person who could not get enough of gatherings where we could meet, being it for a Friday beer, a concert, or a grand Christmas celebration. You would always be there. Leaving us so early is the harsh way life threatens us at times and we would have hoped you could have recovered and stayed with us for years to come.

Enjoying a good relationship with Jolanta was the stronghold of your later days. Given your late health challenges, we hope you have got peace from your pain and a place at the table in heaven. We shall feel inspired by you looking down on us and you will never be forgotten. RIP Ulf.

Our thoughts are with Ulf’s family and friends of which he had so many.

God rest you in peace,

NLCC Community