📢 The premiere of the new brand campaign!

Today, a new Gjensidige brand campaign in the Baltic States was launched. We have brought back to it a symbol that has been counting for two hundred years – the night watchman who carries the lantern, who takes care of safety and illuminates the darkness when people need it most.

Ona Girčienė, SMP, Gjensidige Marketing Manager for the Baltic States:

“We adhere to high standards of Scandinavian quality, so the customer is in the center of our attention. The new image campaign is about the possibility of not getting stuck with unexpected worries for a long time. We want a person to experience as soon as possible the feeling that they are living normally again, as if nothing bad had happened.”

The authors of the campaign are the advertising agency Not Perfect Vilnius. The video was created by Dansu, the director Domas Petronis. The author of the campaign’s photos Tomas Kauneckas. 👏

Read more about the campaign, our updated visual identity, and see the new video clip on Youtube 👉 https://youtu.be/PJItRmvJAMQ