• 3law Miškinis & Partneriai

    Since starting in 1995 the Managing Partner Dr. Algirdas Miškinis has developed the firm 3law Miškinis & Partners to be an innovative law firm rendering professional legal services locally and internationally.

    3law Miškinis & Partners brings together high-skilled legal professionals. The mission of the firm – “to be a trusted advisor for everybody who entrusts their affairs to us”. In addition, the following values are implemented within the firm: professionalism, innovation, responsibility, respect to the individual and the law.

    3law Miškinis & Partners is an exclusive representative of ICC Commercial Crime Services FraudNet network in Lithuania, which specializes in asset recovery.

    3law Miškinis & Partners is a trusted advisor to a broad client base, starting from business corporations and foreign embassies to individual clients as well. The firm provides services in a wide range of law spheres and specializes in tax, finance and banking, corporate law, as well as fraud and other commercial criminal matters.

    M. Valančiaus g. 1a, LT-03155 Vilnius, Lithuania
    +370 5 205 3855

    Algirdas Miškinis
    Managing Partner

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  • 3p Logistics

    3p logistics is an innovative transport and logistics company with cooperate head office in Scandinavia.

    The past decade the logistics business has grown from being a business connection, to become an competitive instrument of business. The global market and global business environment only accepts professional logistics providers in the search of more ways to distance the competitors. We are recognized as one of the most innovative logistics companies in the market, with a remarkable quality standard and competitiveness, we, reach out to the international markets on behalf of our customers. We are a privately owned company with headquarters in Denmark, where the owners are a part of the day-to-day management. Our global offices are carefully selected logistics key-hubs, and we operate the entire global logistics markets.

    By recognizing that logistics has become an valuable asset for competitive companies, we continue to grow our corporate identity, market share and partnerships around the world. With modern partnerships follows responsibility, and each person involved in our company understands the responsibility in being a valuable asset for our customers and global partners. Our Baltic head office located in Vilnius is responsible for our Baltic and CIS development, and has shown a remarkable growth over the past 5 years. The Scandinavian thinking, values and work methods has proven to be valuable assets for the Baltic and CIS customers.

    Dariaus ir Girėno g. 81, LT-02189 Vilnius, Lithuania
     +370 5 230 66 51

    Vilmantas Ladyga
    Baltic Director

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  • Adax

    ADAX was founded in 1948 and is 100% owned by the Norwegian industrial concern, the Ottelei Group. Heating equipment development and marketing – main objectives of the company. The company has a diverse workforce and currently has more than 200 employees within two companies: ADAX AS in Selvik, Norway and UAB ADAX in Panevėžys, Lithuania.

    ADAX manufactures household and commercial electric heating products under exclusive brands ADAX, GLAMOX heating and NOREL within the contemporary design and advanced control systems, as well as fan heaters, portable heaters, shoe dryers and drying racks. ADAX emphasizes on good design, eco-friendly materials, user-friendly technology that contributes to energy efficiency. Due to continuous development and innovation, today ADAX is a market leader in Norway as well as in many parts of other Nordic countries. Moreover, ADAX have large export arrangements to a number of countries in Europe and worldwide.

    Ramygalos g. 190E, LT-36224 Panevėžys,Lithuania
    +370 45 577929
     +370 45 578311

    Aurimas Lukoševičius

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  • Advokat Sandra Latotinaite

    Advokat Sandra Latotinaite is a premium Norwegian law firm specializing in debt collection as well as real estate transactions, construction, labour, contract, company and transport law. Our attorneys-at-law speak Norwegian, English, Lithuanian and Russian.

    Our law licenses have been issued by the Norwegian state.

    • We are members of the Norwegian Bar Association.
    • We provide a free initial consultation for the members of NLCC.
    • All enquiries are completely confidential.

    Strømsveien 66b, NO-2010 Strømmen, Norway
     +47 405 63 504

    Sandra Latotinaitė

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  • Alisa Management Laboratory

    Alisa Management Laboratory provides organizations with scientific expertise and global know-how-based solutions that help solve everyday challenges as well as strategic issues. Our activities include staff training, recruitment, organizational research and management solutions. Our commitment is to create sustainable change by working together.

    Since 2015 we are certified representatives of ICC (International Coaching Community) in Lithuania: we provide coaching and coach training services and we are the only company in the Baltic States that certifies coaches on behalf of ICC!

    We offer each client a unique solution, a program created specifically for their organization. Our goal is to bring the latest innovations and management practices to your organization, offer the highest quality training and find the most appropriate staff members.

    Kęstučio g. 47, LT-08124 Vilnius, Lithuania
     +370 5 210 7027

    Alisa Miniotaitė

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  • Amber Staff

    HR Solutions company Amber staff is pleased to join NLCC and offer it’s members a wide range of HR solutions and services: #Personnel Selection, #Personnel Leasing, #External HR services, #Business unit outsourcing (Back office services), #Outplacement and #RPA.

    The secret to company’s growth and success are values that we hold onto every day: Flexibility, Transparency, Fairness, Speed, and Quality. We also believe that client‘s culture and values are the key to success when selecting the best candidates for them.

    Amber staff has it‘s offices in Vilnius and Klaipėda which enables us to provide services across the whole Lithuania.

    A. Vivulskio g. 7, 03220 Vilnius
    Dubysos g. 21, 93232 Klaipėda

    +370 696 81108 (job offers)
     +370 650 51203 (business services)

    Toma Vevelstad
    Head of Vilnius branch office / Partner

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