About NLCC

The Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (NLCC) is a non-profit organisation representing over 100 Norwegian and Lithuanian companies. Since its creation in 2009, NLCC  has played a significant role in promoting trade and fostering business, financial and professional interests between Norway and Lithuania.

Our Vision – building trust between Norwegian and Lithuanian businesses.

Our Mission is to promote and represent Norwegian business and values, while enabling members to connect, engage and network to accelerate growth.

Our overall objective is to create and maintain a platform that promotes development of commerce and investment between the two countries. More specific goals:

  • to provide members the knowledge and practical support to discover and exploit commercial opportunities
  • to connect members to an extensive network of key stakeholders for commercial advantage
  • to represent member views and values, as well as preserve their interests

NLCC works closely with governmental bodies and other trade organisations, including the Norwegian Embassy and other bi-lateral Chambers of Commerce.



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