The world’s economy is going through a period of challenges, but Marijampole Municipality together with Baltic FEZ management company (NLCC Bronze Member), has submitted a joint EU project. The project “Development of Important Engineering Infrastructure for Investments’ Attraction” was among the projects proposed for financing by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.

A favorable decision of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania on the allocation of financing will allow further successful development of Baltic FEZ for investments attraction in Marijampole, which means installation of appropriate infrastructure components – roads, electricity inlets, gas pipeline, water supply, domestic and rainwater networks, developing 3 to 4 new FEZ plots of 3-5 HA, which forms over 20 HA of useful area.

The planned value of the project is over 3.4 million, of which: European Union Structural Support Funds – 2.84 mln. Euros, Baltic FEZ input – 150 000 Eur, State Budget – 250 000 Eur, Marijampole Municipality Budget funds – 270 000 Eur. A few years ago, Baltic FEZ attracted an exceptional group of Danish window and door manufacturing companies to Lithuania. As soon as new investors are installing their business’, new work places would be created as well. It would help to ensure sustainable and consistent growth of economy in Marijampole region. The strategy of Batic FEZ is ambitious and further on value-oriented towards the increasingly “smart” (SMART PARK) investors of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

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