Last week we had a continuation of traditional Business Lunches with #business representatives co-organized by Nordic and Baltic Chambers of Commerce in Lithuania at Astorija Radisson Collection Hotel.

This time we met the President at the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Chairmen of the Board at BOD GROUP Mr. Vidmantas Janulevičius! He gave us so many great updates about #economic #challenges and have highlighted the importance of the transition to a green economy “WHAT DOESN’T KILL US MAKE US STRONGER. AND GREENER”.

* Could Lithuania’s transition to renewables be the key to energy autonomy and resilience, as well as the key to attract investment to rural areas faster?

The answer was #YES!

Discussed what needs to be done to accelerate this transition and how to keep Lithuania among the fastest growing OECD economies. Touched the essence of:

• The performance of Lithuania’s economy and the competitiveness of the Lithuania’s industry sector on the basis of key indicators covering business environment, innovation and skills;
• Energy and access to finance. Volatile prices of energy resources;
• The rise of the general rate of inflation, together with rising interest rates and decreasing businesses’ confidence because of geopolitical and economic instability are the major reasons negatively affecting Lithuania’s economy.

Thank you to all for joining. The Business Lunch was a joint event between Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Finnish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce.