Dear NLCC association members,

I am pleased to present a brief two-hour AI and ChatGPT training intro, specifically designed to meet the high-quality, rapid, and intensive learning needs of the B2B sector. This training is intended for business leaders and teams looking to explore the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence.

Why choose my training?

Quick Introduction:

In a short time, I will provide you with extensive information, necessary knowledge, and skills so that you can start using AI effectively and creatively in your business.
Your colleagues at NLCC have already tried these trainings and experienced evident benefits in their daily creative activities.

Special pricing for bookings now (during May).
Take advantage of exceptional monthly offers:

ccccc, exclusively for NLCC members who place their orders this month (May, 2024)!

  • Training details: Price: EUR 85 + VAT per person.
  • Minimum number of participants: from 15 people.
  • Location: A suitable location will be selected based on your convenience, most often at your office or remotely.
  • Whether you are a beginner or already have experience with AI, my training will help you and your team work more creatively and discover interesting aspects using generative AI tools.

To register for the training or to learn more, please contact me via email at

I look forward to your orders and am ready to help you reach new creative heights using modern technologies!

Best regards,
Still human,
Darius Grigaliunas
+370 66 00 00 30