🇳🇴 Norwegian expert visit, including the country’s former transport minister in Norway Jon Georg Dale, as well as Markus Nilsen Rotevatn and Helene Sommerset Busengdal form Norsk Elbilforening (Norwegian EV Association) visited Vilnius and shared with representatives of Lithuanian institutions and organizations, the solutions that helped to achieve a big goal in the development of #electriccars in Norway.
Norway still leads the world in terms of the number of electric cars per capita. Last year, even 80% of new cars in this country were electric 🚗⚡️!
“We have been cooperating with the Baltic countries for some time in order to lay the foundation for sustainable future #mobility solutions in the region. With the establishment of an expert group in the Baltic countries, we will strengthen the dialogue even more,” sad Jon Georg Dale, former Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications.
Thanks to Moller Baltic Import SE and Møller Mobility Group for initiating and taking a key role in e-mobility in the Baltic’s.
The Norwegian delegation met with the representatives of the Vilnius City Municipality, presented the goals of the e-mobility expert group initiated in March.
“Vilnius is implementing an ambitious sustainable mobility plan, aiming to become #climateneutral by 2030, and the #electrification of transport is an important step towards achieving this goal.
The development of electric vehicles in public transport and the development of a network of electric charging stations for cars can be party solved by implementing slow charging stations installed on street lamp posts, said Vilnius City Vice Mayor Tomas Gulbinas and Anton Nikitin.
The activity of the electric mobility expert group in the Baltic countries was initiated by the company Moller Baltic Import SE, thank you to Matiss Zemitis, Ilze Grase-Ķibilde in cooperation with the Norwegian Chambers of Commerce which promotes the development of e-mobility in 🇱🇹🇩🇰🇪🇪.
The project initiative is also supported by the embassies of the Kingdom of Norway. Thank you to ambassador Ole T Horpestad for supporting the event and for the Reception at the Norwegian Embassy for the guests and other participants.
The example of 🇳🇴Norway shows that this requires inter-institutional and business cooperation – a common vision of goals and actions to achieve!
Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce will continue cooperation with the experts, Moller Baltic Import SE and organise #businessforum 2023 whic will aim to strengthen the constructive cooperation of transport experts and to contribute to the creation of a unified vision for the development of e-mobility in Vilnius and other the Baltic States.