GOD.dev is an international German capital IT services company with branches in Lithuania, Poland and India, has set its sights on Norway.

GOD.dev was founded in 1985 in the north-central German city of Braunschweig and is renowned in its home market for developing sophisticated solutions for large corporations. The company provides a wide range of IT services and ensures all phases of the software lifecycle.

The company’s core value is customer centric orientation, solutions are developed and deployed using the latest in cloud computing, IoT, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

More than 500 people are employed at the moment in GOD.dev which includes JAVA, Angular, React, Node.js developers, Linux and cloud administrators, DevOps infrastructure specialists and experts, solution architects and other IT and non IT professionals.

The leaders of GOD.dev Igor Krahane, Holland Ralf, Thorsten Kollet, Thomas Wolenski re building the future while investing into the education.

„DevOps Bootcamp“ has been launched recently where Vilma Khmaladze and Neringa Lenčiauskaitė (She/Her) have materialised the idea; global initiative „Agile Community of Practice“ unites SCRUM masters, Agile practitioners and enthusiasts to raise awareness, apply agility in practise and exchange the knowledge.

In 2022, unaudited revenues amounted to EUR 60 million and the main customers are located in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). In its home market, the company is considered a top employer, a title awarded to Yourfirm.de in 2021.

The unquestionable German quality of the services provided, the convenient geographical location and the exceptional attention to the client’s needs are just some of the competitive advantages with which GOD.dev will position itself in the Norwegian market🇳🇴!

Welcome on board! Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce!

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