At the beginning of August, the biggest tournament in the world, Norway Cup 2023, was held in Oslo. 25 children from FC “Ataka” were registered to participate in the tournament, among them there were children from Ukraine. NLCC members were giving the finacial support to cover travel expenses of these children. Gediminas Tvarijonas and NLCC say THANK YOU very much for the support to Zuzana Matonienė “YARA LIETUVA”, Lars Christian Berger “BALTIC SEA PROPERTIES AS”, John Afseth “CARPE DIEM AFSETH AS”, Espen Solli and Bjørn Bjøro “EIENDOMSKAPITAL NORGE V AS”.

The activities of the ATAKA club are based on the example and values of the Nordic countries, especially Norway. Thank you for your generosity and support! Children are extremely happy for such exciting experience!