NLCC members regional visit to Kaunas.

Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce has starter regional member visits. Yesterday NLCC and Norvegijos ambasada Lietuvoje have visited several Norwegian companies in Kaunas. Such work trips are both very informative and pleasurable. It is the best way to expand your network, increase your company‘s exposure and create lasting experience.

NLCC is gald to share it’s partners Klaipėda ID positive feedback about yesterdays trip. „It was a very informative, insightful and even pleasurable experience“ – says Diana Manko.

The key of take away notes from the trip:
📌 The extent to which the conflict in our neighbor countries is affecting and is going to affect all of us economically is breath-taking . When it comes to all of the nickel without which it is impossible to make stainless steel comes from either Ukraine or Russia, Marex Boats needs to find other solutions.
📌 Lithuanian craftsmanship when it comes to handmade winning awards boats.
📌 Cyber attacks are very real and they are able to cause a lot of damage in any company;
📌 On the other hand – there is no such thing that a Lithuanian cannot overcome. Kudos to Minordija and the team. Audrius Mackevicius you and the team are great in every way! Thank you for the fantastic chocolate degustation and lunch.
📌 Jotron Wonderful to realize Lithuanians contribute to such extent in aviation and maritime communication systems. And the fact that the Lithuanian plant is run by a curious and powerful lady Almante Medziausiene.