As the summer holiday season is in full swing now, Norwegian Chambers of Commerce in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, representing over a dozen hotels and tour operators, encourages members of all three Chambers to use the safe travel opportunities in the Baltic region and utilize the special offers from our member hotels and tourism companies.

„While many people have had to cancel their travel plans to far-away regions, we encourage members of Norwegian Chambers of Commerce to enjoy the so-called Baltic Bubble, which has a lot to offer both in terms of safe environment, beautiful nature, historical sites, and excellent food,” says Ilze Garoza, Executive Director of Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia referring to the restriction-free travel space established between all three Baltic countries. “For those who want to avoid air travel and big crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic, the internal travel in the Baltic region offers an excellent solution. It also will be a great support to local economies that are trying to recover from the impacts of the recent travel ban,” says I. Garoza.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has hit travel and tourism hard. Together, the Norwegian Chambers in the Baltics we emphasize the importance of supporting businesses and our members in the hospitality and tourism industries,” says Lina Mockute, Executive Director of Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce. “Today, tourism can be not only a facilitator of cultural exchange, but can also help restore confidence in these sectors. Therefore, this summer we encourage responsible travel across the Baltics to contribute to economies and accelerate the recovery in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia,” emphasizes L. Mockute.

The so-called ‘Baltic Bubble‘ was established on May 15, when the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will sign a Memorandum of Understanding confirming that the Baltic States agree to lift travel restrictions and ensure free movement of their residents by land, sea and air. “All three Baltic governments have implemented strict measures that have helped to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Baltic region. And our member hotels have assured that they have put in place new safety protocols, putting your health, security, and safety at the very top of their priority list. Check out the special offers by our member hotels and enjoy the Baltic friendship and partnership,” Annely Särglep, Executive Director of the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

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