“Talents for Lithuania“ program aims to attract bright Lithuanian graduates with international degrees, as well as young professionals back to Lithuania to start their careers here. We invite you to join leading Lithuania-based companies in this effort to encourage brain circulation. Through our collaboration, we can bring the value of international education back to the Lithuanian labor market.

“Most 80 % of the 83 graduates who already came back for the open positions stayed in the country and are still successfully working in the same or other companies in Lithuania to this day. It is important to note that businesses are not obliged to recruit them and get to choose the best candidates from our talent pool. However, our experience has shown that we do indeed manage to attract people with great skills and potential” – said Kotryna Stankute-Jaščemskienė, the founder of the program.

Take part in the program submitting your open position before October 9th at kotryna@lithuanianleaders.org

More information: www.glltalentai.lt