It was a pleasure to meet Artilux NMF, Vilmers, CRANBALT, ROL Lithuania, Plus Windows, Šiauliai free economic zone and visit their manufacturing premises today during the regional trip to Šiauliai.

We were glad to hear a warm welcome by the ambassador of Sweden Inger Buxton, as well as getting overview by the advisor of Šiauliai Mayor Justinas Švėgžda.
We also had the chance to talk to the owners and stakeholders about the current biggest challenges in business. Special thanks to Darius Sakalauskas, Justinas Berneckis, Arvydas Bagdonas, Giedrius Valuckas.

Thank you for our friends and collaboration partners Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania for joining forces.

We look forward to meeting you at NLCC upcoming events, and stay tuned for more interesting collaborations👏

Photos made by ROL Lithuania