Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (NLCC) is excited to announce the launch of the new initiative which should drive vitality of the Chamber’s business community. One of our key goals is to champion business growth and development. Naturally, our mission is to help our member businesses start, grow and expand.

This brand new initiative is an upgraded Member-to-Member Platform which offers a free business review and consultations for new NLCC members.

How does it work?

Form now on any newly joined NLCC member will be contacted and visited by experts in different career fields. Experts will visit each member individually to learn and get a better understanding about their business, and will provide an initial assessment and consultations how to improve business development or what could be done more efficiently. This is initiative will be a personal warm welcome of new NLCC members who shortly after joining the Chamber will reap membership benefits and help us strengthen connectivity by building trust and collaboration between experts and members.

Who is entitled to such benefits?

To start with this initiative will be introduced to new members only. We trust that this initiative may become popular and members will certainly feel an advantage of being part of no other but the NLCC members’ community. In the near future NLCC is planning to increase the scope of this initiative to all members. We believe that this will encourage membership and increase Chamber’s value proposition, and help us create a strong and trusted network of professionals and successfully growing businesses.

What kind of members would visit new members?

The prime mover of this initiative is Mr. Jonas Zaronskis, Partner at Law Firm AVOCAD. However, the group will be formed of reliable service providers in different fields, such as Accounting, Audit, Legal, HR, IT, Marketing, Logistics and so on. The business consultancy framework will be developed based on member industries and their needs for their employees.

What’s next? 

Call for Expressions of Interest from Experts: If you are interested in this initiative aimed to help our members develop a clear vision and provide the necessary tools for them to position their business for growth, we invite you to express your interest in joining a group of NLCC Member experts by Monday, 14th October via E:

For more information, please contact Lina Mockute on M: +370 610 02690.