UAB Lido Marine celebrates 36 years in business, working with ship interior outfitting, insulation and ventilation systems in the Norwegian onshore and offshore industry.

UAB Lido Marine has been one of the first company joining NLCC since 2009 when it’s owner Gunnvald Laukhammer was one of the founders of the NLCC.
This our journey never ended, today comany is lead by Tomas Kozlovas and is successfuly providing:

⚓️Ship Interior Solutions
⚓️Insulation & Technical Linning
⚓️Maritime furniture
⚓️Engineering & 3D Design
⚓️Ventilation & HVAC
⚓️Lido Marine A-60 floor system

We are very thankful for this long partnership and cooperation!
Welcome on board with renewed ⭐️GOLD membership.

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