The extraordinary 2020 will be a year seared in all our memories. Though the pandemic has had a disruptive impact on all of our lives, it has also shown us the value of partnerships and communities and how, together, we can tackle today’s challenges and ensure that not only the NLCC community will get through this, but will emerge stronger!

The Chamber is committed to supporting its members during good and tough times. We sincerely believe in walking the walk together as the strength of our community is in unity.

Networking and the sharing of knowledge and experiences are at the core of NLCC’s work. Therefore, throughout the year we have continued with our activities and events, using technology and its platforms to connect with members, partners and stakeholders. During 2020, we have successfully delivered a programme of 31 physical, online and hybrid events attended by more 1500 participants. Also, in response to the ongoing pandemic we have created a framework for members to help one another. Thank you for solidarity to many of our members who have openly shared practices for COVID responses and provided consultations and assistance. This has generated even more trust in our community and a much wider reach. NLCC’s follower count has grown exceptionally this year: by 27% on Facebook and by more than 30% on LinkedIn.

The pandemic has shown that by working together, whether onsite or remotely, we can continue fulfilling our mission, and for whatever the future brings, the Chamber will continue serving and supporting its current and future membership.

The Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce board and management would like to thank you for your continued partnership, and to wish you health, peace and prosperity throughout the coming year.

We look forward to working with you in 2021!


Lina Mockute
Managing Director
Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce