Norway is one of the priority markets for Lithuanian businesses operating in the construction sector and is our important trading partner. Half of all Lithuania’s exports to Norway is in construction sector and these numbers continue to grow, despite the challenges caused by Covid-19. Today, close to ten thousand Lithuanians work only on Norwegian construction sites. As a result, their footprint can be found in many construction projects across the country.

Installing most progressive facade solutions in the city center of Oslo, building mountain timber frame houses, helping to equip apartments – these are among the most common construction projects which are being implemented by Lithuanian businesses in Norway. Yet, how does the pandemic affect Lithuanian construction services’ exports to Norway? Is the Norwegian real estate market slowing down? What market entry tactics should be used?
Watch the broadcast with Norwegian construction market experts and get answers to these and other related questions:
We are grateful to partners Enterprise Lithuania, Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, and Lithuanian Embassy in Oslo for their support organizing this webinar.