COVID-19 disrupted the idea of a “traditional office” work environment. As a semblance of normality starts to return, employers have begun to reconsider the idea of traditional office space. With a „new normal“ of remote work, COVID-19 had great implications on office rent payments, space needs and utilization, renewal and relocation likelihoods, confidence in the safety of office spaces, and return-to-work planning. From flexible workplaces to offices with more social spaces, here’s what we can expect for the fluid future of office space. If businesses expect to attract and retain a productive and engaged workforce, they will need to rethink the future of the office to emphasize flexibility. To provide a truly inclusive experience when redesigning office space, the future office will need to cater to all types of workers. The traditional, functional office space will shift to a workspace designed around social interaction, collaboration, and relationship building.

NLCC invites businesses to discuss how to make the best of emerging industry trends and shifts in workplace priorities.

Join us at “Quadrum” Business Center or virtually on June 9, 11:00

The event will be moderated by Kjetil Tetlie Hanssen, General Director at Schage Real Estate

Please note that due to the limited amount of seats at the event premises, registrations to attend “live” event are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis.