Leadership is a human condition, not a set of rules or formula to be followed. The way it is exercised is a function of the beliefs, orthodoxies, and biases we all develop as human beings. Some we are conscious of others not; some are helpful others not.

Becoming an effective leader with the ability to think strategically requires us to not only develop wisdom through greater self-awareness, but also discover different, more helpful, perspectives and insights.

Join an exclusive (online) session with Alan Matcham, an internationally experienced educator, programme director, speaker, author and facilitator to explore the nature of “strategic thinking” and some of the more common leadership orthodoxies, how they have developed and how they influence both the strategic decisions we make and the actions we take. It will also suggest that many of the orthodoxies are increasingly unhelpful in a world changing exponentially.

The online lecture will be followed by the panel discussion with Dalius Misiūnas, President of ISM University, Natalja Selenkovienė, Head of Development & Transformation, Financial Crime Prevention at Danske Bank, and Stein Ove Sektnan, Managing Director at SuperOffice, moderated by Audronė Nakrošienė, Director of ISM Executive MBA.

The new normal offers great opportunities as well as uncertainties. We will discuss the most important leadership skills that help leaders to navigate through uncertainty. We will also search for an answer how to innovate and create a successful future workspace and how to lead virtual teams effectively. What happened when we had to transform business models? How to change the mindset and focus on the future of work?

If you are searching for the answers to the same questions, please join this event!


10.00-10.20   Registration and Welcome coffee
10.20-10.30   Welcoming addresses
10.30-11.00   Presentation by Alan Matcham
11.00-11.15   Q&A Session
11.15-12.00   Panel discussion
12.00-13.30   Networking lunch

Participation: NLCC and/or DCC Member – 40€; non-member – 55€



Organised by: Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and ISM University of Management and Economics
In partnership with: Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania