Smart business owners and managers know that success is not achieved solely by what they know or so, or how determined they are. It’s a combination of factors, and at the core, it’s also very much about who they know and who gains their trust. In life and business, relationships are key.

Mark you calendar for Thursday, 28th March when a traditional monthly  Norwegian – Lithuanian business Lunch will again be held. This is a great way to make contacts and raise the profile of your business, all in a friendly and relaxed environment.

This month we are partnering with the Danish (DCC) and the Swedish Chambers of Commerce in Lithuania (SCCL) to host the Norwegian – Lithuanian, Danish and Swedish Business Lunch at the restaurant “Mykolo 4”.

We will start the event with a short presentation by Helén Nilsson, Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania, who will talk about the role of trust as societal gold. So, join in 90 minutes of great conversation, information sharing and learning about other interesting people and their businesses.

Cost for NLCC, DCC & SCCL Members is 20€/person; for non-members – 27€/person.

Register here

By Monday, 25th of March 2019