For the third time on 6-7 September 2019 in Birštonas will be held the discussion festival “Būtent”. The initiative to organise such a festival in Lithuania was inspired by the examples of Democracy festivals in all Scandinavian countries as well as Latvia and Estonia. The festival’s mission is to contribute to building a democratic welfare state by fostering a culture of discussion, concord and tolerance. This festival is an annual assembly of people from political, business, academic, cultural, non-governmental organizations and other sectors, where they discuss the most important topics of the development of the state, share ideas and forge new collaborations.

This year during the festival the Norwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, together with the Swedish and Finnish Chambers of Commerce in Lithuania, is organising the discussion “Nordic Leadership: How to Work with Vikings?”. The discussion will take place on 6th September form 18:30 to 19:30 in the Nordic Lithuania tent.

Come and hear from top managers of Nordic enterprises – Dan Stromberg, General Director at Telia Lietuva; Lina Maroscikiene, General Director at Norian Accounting;, Andrius Kasperavicius, spokesperson at Fortum – who will convey their stories and experiences of representing and leading their company the Nordic way in Lithuania, also what challenges they face while implementing new operational principles, and how they envision leadership development in the future in Lithuania. This discussion will be led by Dalius Misiunas, new President of ISM University of Management and Economics.

Participation in both the above event or the whole discussion festival is free of charge. Registration is not required to attend it.

More information about the discussion
“Nordic Leadership: How to Work with Vikings?”

More information about the discussion festival “Būtent”