The Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (NLCC), in partnership with SuperOffice, is delighted to invite you to join the 4th session of the „Member to Member Program“ initiative series* Service – how to deliver to Scandinavian customer.

As an interface, CRM platform helps companies to stay connected with its customers.  During this workshop you will learn how to quickly and easily fulfill customer requests. Also find out, how CRM functions can handle and solve customers‘ problems.


–      Lina Maroščikienė is a General Director at Norian Accounting. Lina is known as a Professional accountant who has more than twelve years of experience in outsourcing/offshoring industry. She has strong skills in business process, business planning, customer service and analytical skills.

–      Stein Ove Sektnan is a Managing Director at SuperOffice. Stein Ove has 20+ years’ experience in creating partner and customer relationships and today work for the company that invented CRM before it was known. Managing a team of people who love the opportunity of creating a positive customer experience, supporting the sales, marketing and customer service solutions of SuperOffice.


8.00-8.15   Registration and light breakfast
8.15-9.00   Presentation by a representative of Lina Maroščikienė (Norian); Q&A
9.00-9.15   Break
9.15-10.00 Presentation by Stein Ove Stektnan (SuperOffice); Q&A

* The events’ series consist of four sessions which are intended to familiarize participants with the CRM system, briefly present how it works and display solutions how to improve business performance by efficiently managing customer communication and boosting sales of services/goods. While enjoying breakfast, each time participants have an opportunity to hear informative presentations on CRM features, how it helps to bring better results for the company and increase its revenues. More information about each workshop:

–      Session 1: “What is CRM? – the basics that most lose out on“, please click here.

–      Session 2: “Marketing – a guide to improve your footprint and how to find more business“, please click here.

–      Session 3: “How to sell the Scandinavian way (Scandinavian touch)“, please click here.

–      Session 4: “Service – how to deliver to Scandinavian customers“


DATE: 14th May, 2020

PLACE: SuperOffice (Merchants’ Club building, 3rd floor), Gedimino ave. 35, Vilnius

TIME: 8:00 – 10:00

15 Eur for members / 25 Eur for non-members


Hurry up and guarantee yourself a place!


*Limited tickets

* A limited number of free parking permits are available. Please contact us at