Wednesday started with the great talks about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In collaboration with SuperOffice, we attracted full room of participants interested in learning how the CRM system can benefit in organising contacts and be used as a tool to improve business relationships. Thank you to superb presenters Stein Ove Sektnan (SuperOffice) and Renata Vasiliauskienė from COBALT Legal who also spoke briefly about the implications of GDPR and the use of the CRM.

* The events’ series consist of four sessions which are intended to familiarize participants with the CRM system, briefly present how it works and display solutions how to improve business performance by efficiently managing customer communication and boosting sales of services/goods. While enjoying breakfast, each time participants have an opportunity to hear informative presentations on CRM features, how it helps to bring better results for the company and increase its revenues.

Join the upcoming sessions of CRM and find more information about each workshop:

–      Session 2: “Marketing – a guide to improve your footprint and how to find more business“  please click here.

–      Session 3: “How to sell the Scandinavian way (Scandinavian touch)“, please click here.

–      Session 4: “Service – how to deliver to Scandinavian customers“, please click here.